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Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

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In today’s 24/7 hectic, work heavy lifestyle which consumes us all, it is very easy to forget the simple things. One of these is the pleasures of a hand written thank you note. It is incredibly easy to send a quick text message, or type an email, or to forget to thank people altogether.

There was a time where it was unforgivable to go to a friends for the evening, enjoy a fantastic dinner with your loved ones, and then not send a thank you note. Nowadays the opposite is true, I do not think I have ever received one! Being completely honest, I had never written one either. When I started running Leeming Brothers however, I very quickly realised the importance of a card or letter, expressing your thanks. You may be thinking “what’s the point?”, when it is so easy to send a text. But a text message is just as easily forgotten about, as it is to send one. I stay at a friends house a couple of times a year for an event I showcase at, and will always send he and his girlfriend a note to say, ‘Thank you’. They asked, ‘why didn’t I just send a text?’, but at the same time, have kept every hand written note and letter on the dresser in their apartment.

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One of the things I have found over my years of designing, creating, and printing wedding stationery is that a lot of my clients are unsure of the ‘correct’ way to word their wedding invitations. My normal answer is that there is no longer a correct way. Traditionally there was set wording that was always used, but times have changed, and couples are regularly putting their own stamp on their wedding suite, not only with the looks, but with the wording too.

That being said, there are still some rules that should apply. Putting your own personal touch on the text is a great way of making your wedding suite truly yours, but you still have to ensure that all of the details your guests need to know are included. Below I have written out the answers to some of the questions I am asked frequently to help any budding bride, so that they do not get stuck with writers block!

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