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Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

In today’s 24/7 hectic, work heavy lifestyle which consumes us all, it is very easy to forget the simple things. One of these is the pleasures of a hand written thank you note. It is incredibly easy to send a quick text message, or type an email, or to forget to thank people altogether.

There was a time where it was unforgivable to go to a friends for the evening, enjoy a fantastic dinner with your loved ones, and then not send a thank you note. Nowadays the opposite is true, I do not think I have ever received one! Being completely honest, I had never written one either. When I started running Leeming Brothers however, I very quickly realised the importance of a card or letter, expressing your thanks. You may be thinking “what’s the point?”, when it is so easy to send a text. But a text message is just as easily forgotten about, as it is to send one. I stay at a friends house a couple of times a year for an event I showcase at, and will always send he and his girlfriend a note to say, ‘Thank you’. They asked, ‘why didn’t I just send a text?’, but at the same time, have kept every hand written note and letter on the dresser in their apartment.

thank you cards 2

Foiled Card:

This card is foil stamped in a gold foil on a golden 330gsm board. Foiling creates a slight debossed finish, and is available in a variety of shades and colours. Most foils are metallic, ranging from gold, silver, through to copper, but solid gloss and matte colours are also available. Our foiling Platen’s use the clam shell method of printing rather than the cylinder method, which also for a deeper deboss on thick stock.

Letterpress Card:

The white textured card with pink text, the letterpress card is similar to the foiled card, but instead of using a hot foil,  it uses a rubber based ink. This ink is semi-transparent, so works very well on lighter boards, but not so much on dark boards as the board colour can show through the ink. Letterpress creates a beautiful deep impression, which suits rustic style stationery perfectly.

Engraved Card:

Engraving is our staple print method. Our master craftsman have been specialising in engraved stationery for over 80 years. Our blue on blue Thank You card shows off the beautiful elegance of engraving perfectly. A copperplate is hand engraved with some text or a design which is then placed in a Waite & Saville die-press. Each card is hand fed, and creates a raised finish that is not matchable by any other print method. The other tell tale sign of some genuine engraved stationery is the force mark that is cut into the reverse of the card.

Blind Embossed Card:

Blind embossing uses the exact same process as engraving but no ink is added to the press. A force is still cut, and each card is hand fed in to the press. Where no ink is used, the cards are left with a raised finish on the text or image, which does look subtle, but at the same time, very effective.

Blind Debossed Card:

To create blind debossing, the cards are fed into the foiling or letterpress Platens, but again, no ink or foil is used. This creates a look similar to the ever popular blind embossing, but instead of the image being raised off of the board, it is pressed into the substrate.

Our Thank You card selection come supplied with natural white 155gsm gummed envelopes. We are also able to produce bespoke cards, the image below for example, on coloured stocks with matching marble lined envelopes.

Thank You Cards

So why not treat yourself to a box of our Thank You cards, and rediscover the art of writing, and the joys of sending a heartfelt note.

Written by Lewis R. Stevenson.